We stumbled across this abandoned lot while exploring Seminyak, Bali. It was filled with the most beautiful colors and textures. My mind races when I try to imagine what use to call this home.  

Welcome to the Udang House at Bambu Indah in Ubud, Bali. It was our home for the 4th of July! 

It was recently featured in Huffington Post. As soon as I saw the article, I knew we had to go. Luckily we were already in Bali. It’s the most breathtaking hotel we’ve ever stayed in. The entire floor of the house is made of glass. Below is a shrimp pond that lights up at night. 

There are 14 houses on the property, each hundreds of years old. It’s set in the middle of paradise with views of the rice fields, plenty of good cooking and pampering that’s fit for a queen (or king). Taylor and I each got a 4-hand massage. It’s definitely a 4th of July we’ll never forget. 

Our go to spot in Canggu was Grocer & Grind. Already a successful cafe in Seminyak, the touristy part of Bali, G&G opened up a brand new location down the street from our villa. It has A/C, wifi, amazing coffee and a cheap beautiful breakfast, what more could you ask for? 

I find myself falling out of hate and learning to appreciate foods in nearly every country we visit. This time it was the poached egg. Grocer & Grind mastered the poached egg and I’ll forever love them for that. 

Frequenting the restaurant as much as we did, we began to make friends with the servers. One server in particular was named Agoon. Towering over almost everyone he met, the 6’6 server was quite literally a friendly giant. He welcomed us with a smile everyday and would tell us stories about when he use to work on a cruise ship. He may not be making as much money as he did on the cruise ships, but he gets to see his family and he says he can’t deny his love for his homeland.  

I can’t deny my love for Bali either, Agoon. 

I’m so excited we made the trip up to Ubud. The village is more famously known for where Elizabeth Gilbert learned to “love” in Eat, Pray, Love. I’m surprised she didn’t fall in love with all 600 of these guys! Bananas are available for purchase at the beginning of the sanctuary, but hide them quickly! As soon as I purchased, a monkey jumped on me and began eating a banana right out of my hand. These little (and sometimes big) critters love for bananas far exceeds their fear of humans. It was an amazing afternoon playing, feeding and learning about the monkeys. (Rule #1 don’t look directly into their eyes! It makes them nervous and will result in nibbles and bites.)

Meet Yogi. His parents own the petrol and corner shop by our apartment. He may only be 8 or 9 but he can run the shop by himself. The petrol is sold in old Absolut bottles for 70 cents a piece. Yogi fills up your scooter, asks you a few questions in English and you scoot away thinking he’s the cutest kid in all of Bali.